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I then told my son he could have a car when he did a poo on the toilet.I also bought lots of disposable gloves, wipes and cheap pants so i could just dispose of the pants and clean up without getting in a mess.

Hi, I am not one to give up easily but then neither is my DD.he got there eventually but it helps not to get wound up about it.I hope i can offer some help as this is what my dd did.She got the wees sorted out by the end of the first week but it took until the end of the 2nd week before we got the first poo in the potty.I have to say I'm not a fan of the softly softly approach - I got really cross with her and that seemed to have more effect.

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did bribe him a bit ...him he was strong enough and when ready could have fireman sam toy. then one day just did it and has never looked back.

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